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GAANN in Computer Systems Security


Dr. John Chandy, Electrical & Computer Engineering, (860) 486-5047; chandy@engr.uconn.edu


Fellowships are available for doctoral students.


This GAANN will focus on the development of secure computing. Computing devices are pervasive in modern society, whether in computers, cell phones, or the abundant microcontrollers that manage the various systems we interact with on a daily basis. Computer systems are also integrated into every part of our economic infrastructure — from financial and communication systems to transportation and defense. Their pervasiveness, and our dependence upon computers, render them an obvious target for those who intend to corrupt the systems for financial, political or other reasons.

A primary need, from a national perspective, is research and researchers who can address the security of these systems. This GAANN will seek to develop computer systems security and computer engineering graduate students needed to advance the computing security industry and educational communities.

Core Faculty:

John Chandy
Bahram Javidi
Aggelos Kiayias
Jerry Shi
Alexander Shvartsman
Mohammad Tehranipoor
Bing Wang
Lei Wang